Herby Farquhar's 50th Member Anniversary
By Banksville Fire Department
December 24, 2023

Congratulations to Former Chief Herby Farquhar on his 50th Anniversary at the Banksville Fire Department.

Herby joined the department in December of 1973 where he served in every line officer position, serving numerous terms as Assistant Chief and then becoming department Chief in 1978. Herby throughout all of his terms served a total of 9 years as Chief.

Herby was very involved with the original budget process of our department to increase our budget lines between both towns. He initiated the EMS First Response program for our department and was also the driving force in switching to 60 control as our primary dispatch agency.

Herby, with 50 years of service, still stands as one of our department's top responders. His continued dedication and commitment to training younger members of the department remains strong in tradition.

Congratulations Herby!