Recent Mutual Aid Incident Responses!
By Banksville Fire Department
January 18, 2023

🔥 Mutual Aid Incidents:

Tanker 7 and the members of the Banksville Fire Department have had a busy week not only in our district but around the county and neighboring districts! Below are the breakdowns of some of our recent prominent mutual aid calls.

- 01/13/2023 -
03:05:15: BIFD Was dispatched to Port Chester Fire Headquarters on a relocation of 1 Tanker to the village. Tanker 7 was standing by with a full crew with a Bedford Hills Fire Department Tanker while they operated on a water main break which was prohibiting the usage of hydrants in certain areas of their district. Not long after arrival, Tanker 7 was dispatched on a dual response with PCFD to a commercial alarm. Tanker 7 returned back to quarters at approximately 05:00.

06:01:05: Shortly after returning to service, Tanker 7 was dispatched mutual aid to Stamford on a fully involved structure fire. We provided 3 loads of 3,500 gallons of water in their tanker shuttle returning back to service at approximately 09:00. Definitely a long night for the tanker!

- 01/18/2023 -
12:00:24: Tanker 7 was dispatched mutual aid to Armonk on a 20x50 brush fire on I-684N. Tanker 7 hooked up to Armonk Rescue 85 and provided water while members fought the brush fire on the interstate where no hydrants are available.


Banksville regularly responds to mutual aid incidents outside of our district to help our neighboring departments when available. If a large-scale incident in our district occurred, apparatus outside of our district would respond in order to help aid our department.

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