BIFD Vehicle Extrication Drill
By BIFD Staff
July 21, 2021

On Wednesday, July 21st of 2021 BIFD members participated in a vehicle extrication drill. Using a car that was donated to our firehouse, members were refreshed and taught the proper ways to extricate a potential patient out of a vehicle safely, de-energization of a vehicle as well as various stabilization techniques.

This drill lasted approximately two hours and all attending members were able to participate in some area of the extrication.

Rescue 7 contains various tools which allow for vehicle extrication. It has a hydraulic cutter, spreader as well as a combination tool commonly referred to as the "jaws of life". In addition to the jaws of life tools being used on most of the metal areas of the car, a reciprocating saw was used to cut a portion of the front windshield. These are just some of the many tools our Rescue carries on a daily basis when responding to calls for service in the Banksville area.

If you live in the Banksville area and want to participate in drills like this, get specialized training, and volunteer as a firefighter or EMT please visit our "Become a Member" section.

Units: Rescue 7