Tanker 17 Refurbishment Complete
February 16, 2017

Back in 2012 we had purchased a new Tanker, the current Tanker 7 and decided to run two tankers on a trial basis. This decision proved to be very beneficial not only to our first due response area, but to the surrounding community's we provide mutual aid to. We then decided to keep both Tankers. Over the past year we had contacted Gowans-Knight Co. a fire apparatus builder in Watertown, CT. to do some safety and mechanical upgrades. Some of the upgrades include: New and additional warning lights, new driver and passenger seats with intergraded 3 point seat belts, a custom built console, new graphics and reflective striping, replacement of pump plumbing and valves. The rear compartments where removed, reinforced and painted. An electric rack replaced the old manual one for the portable pond. The process took around four months to complete. The Apparatus Committee is very pleased with the final product. The staff at Gowans-Knight are great to work with, special thanks to Eric from GK for weekly photo updates.